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What is Maple Water?


Maple water is the natural maple sap that flows from a maple tree during a short time in early spring. In contrast to the popular misconception that maple sap is sticky, it actually resembles water more than the maple syrup you’re accustomed to.  It has numerous health benefits and a whopping 46 bioactive compounds to boost your health, plus a slightly sweet taste to boot.

Maple sap can only be collected during March and April since this is when temperatures are warm during the day and below freezing overnight. The temperature changes during these months signal the tree to pull water up from the ground to filter it through their roots. The trees do this to collect all of the nutrients that are stored over the winter season to aid in the tree’s rejuvenation come spring. Since the sap is so full of nutrients, it is incredibly beneficial for us to drink.

Why Choose Maple Water

Maple water is actually similar to coconut water in that it delivers an exceptional number of vitamins and electrolytes, but it is superior in that it is half the calories and has a milder taste to appeal to a greater number of people and their taste buds. It is one of the best drinks for hydration and you’ll also experience some pretty amazing benefits such as anti-aging, a boost to aerobic performance, thorough hydration at double the speed of normal water, and a lot more. As an unexpected but not unwelcome side effect, maple water has been proven to help with your hangover too since you can metabolize alcohol faster if you drink maple water beforehand.

What’s in Maple Water?  

Since maple sap is between 95% and 97.5% water and chock-full of minerals, oligosaccharides, amino acids, and phenolic compounds, nothing is added or taken away from the pure sap collected from the trees. It is entirely organic and contains a mix of 46 bio-active compounds including zinc, manganese, calcium, and more.

Though you may associate maple water with the maple syrup you enjoy on your pancakes, they’re actually very different. Natural maple water is only 2% sugar. To achieve the consistency of your maple syrup, it would take 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup, which is why the sugar content in maple syrup is so high and the sugar in maple water is so low.

Why is Maple Water Good for You?

There are some pretty significant health benefits to drinking maple water regularly, and it won’t even be a chore to stay healthy since the water tastes so good!

  • The oligosaccharides in the water is great for digestion,
  • The Abscisic Acid, or ABA, helps control blood sugar and benefits those with type-3 diabetes especially,
  • The polyphenols found in maple have potential cancer chemo-preventative effects,
  • The 24 antioxidants found within the maple water help fight inflammatory diseases,
  • Maple water is outstanding for electrolyte such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, 
  • And the water is extremely low in calories and natural sugars, making it a healthier alternative to sports drinks and sugary juices.

While these health benefits are impressive, there are many ongoing studies to determine just how good maple water is for you since it is still a relatively new drink and may possess many more benefits for us than we know.

Author: Paige Henley


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